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Barack Obama ‘shattered norms’ of US politics by attacking President Donald Trump – expert | World | News

Jadan Horyn, a political commentator in the US, labelled Barack Obama’s criticism of Donald Trump regarding breaking norms in US politics as ironic, stating that a former US President attacking his successor also breaks norms. He added the conflict between Mr Obama and the current President is a terrible thing for the United States. 

Mr Horyn said: “This is the central irony of everything that is going on right now.

“The last president of the United States accusing Donald Trump of shattering precedent and destroying norms.

“Yet, his response is to do the exact same thing.

“Barack Obama’s criticism of Donald Trump is unprecedented, it shatters every norm and that is a terrible thing for our country.

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“Ex-presidents have historically not waded back into politics.”

Donald Trump is currently leading the Republican Party into the 2020 US Presidential election. 

The election is set for November and President Trump will go head to head with Democrat nominee Joe Biden. 

Earlier this month, the US political commentator told Donald Trump is “fortunate” to be up against Joe Biden in the 2020 US Presidential election. 

“I think it is fortuitous that coronavirus has allowed Biden to stay out of the spotlight and to not have unenforced errors.”

The US political commentator continued: “I think the President would be quite happy if Biden had to meet with voters.

“You can do gag reels of Biden doing very bad things with voters that in this type of electoral climate would be magnified if he were doing that.

“Honestly, I think it is a mixed bag.”

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