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Martin Lewis: Money Saving Expert offers help on mortgage payment holidays and credit | Personal Finance | Finance

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert, has helped thousands with questions and queries related to their finances. In so doing, many people have been able to save money or take advantage of the latest deals on the market. Martin has offered help through his various platforms, keeping his finger on the pulse in an effort to help as many people as possible.

And his advice has been particularly valued amid the COVID-19 crisis, which has unfortunately brought financial worry for many households.

In that sense, Martin helped an individual who messaged his Money Show asking for guidance on their mortgage payment holiday.

The person explained they had taken out a mortgage payment holiday in recent months due to the financial burden of COVID-19.

However, fortunately, they had managed to get back on their feet during this time.

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But this, he said, did not mean Britons are facing a dead end.

Those who were on an official mortgage holiday with their provider, who are now starting to repay should be in the clear.

This is because lenders are looking at borrowers and their payments to see if these are returning to normal.

The sooner Britons go back to normal payments, usually for a number of months, the more likely lenders are to view them favourably.

Martin urged those in this circumstance not to worry too much about the situation.

Instead, he said, speaking to a broker was the next sensible decision to make.

These individuals can often provide further insight into a person’s individual circumstances and offer help on the next steps.

He finished by telling borrowers “cross your fingers!” and that their situation should work out for the best.

Mortgage holidays were first introduced by the government and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), as a way of helping Britons amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Originally designed to last for three months, the program was extended further as financial difficulties continued.

However, it has now been confirmed payment holidays will come to an end on October 31.

After this, the FCA expects mortgage lenders to reach out to borrowers who are struggling to provide more tailored support.

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