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Kate Middleton news: Duchess of Sussex wears same jewellery as Meghan with hidden meaning

The Duchess wore a stunning ensemble to visit White Chapel, Brick Lane and London Bridge. She wore a red dress and a pair of earrings with a pink stone.

The pretty pieces come with a hidden message of sorts, relating to the crystal in the piece.

Missoma said: “Our Rhodochrosite Pyramid Hoops feature a heart-based healing crystal that radiates love, compassion and all-around good vibes.”

Meghan has worn many, many pieces from Missoma. The Duchess of Sussex is a fan of layering up her jewellery.

Recently she has worn the Gold Open Heart Signet Ring from the brand, which costs £89. She also worn the Gold Double Chain Bracelet, £75.

An expert recently claimed Kate’s style of gown yesterday it is similar to gowns she has worn when pregnant.

Celebrity stylist Lalla Bronshtein, designer at eco fashion label, LallaXRR told said: “In recent photos of Kate, her dresses have a more loose, comfortable feel to them.

“The peasant style dresses in particular flow beautifully, while others have a more of an Empire line.

“Although whether she is pregnant or not is anyone’s guess but during previous pregnancies, she wore a similar style to these.”

Yesterday marked one of the few face-to-face visits William and Kate have made since coronavirus lockdown measures were enforced.

The couple appeared as happy as ever with cosy body language displays.

Judi James analysed images for and said: “There’s something about the fact that their faces are part-covered with masks that makes their intense body language mirroring rituals even sweeter than usual here.”

She revealed the visit hinted a unity between the couple, something many couples might be lacking after months of confined living in lockdown.

The expert went on: “William and Kate have always defined the depth of their rapport and like-minded intimacy as a couple via their body language echoing and here, whether they are both gazing wistfully at a display of pastries or both walking with their hands in a partial clasp in front of their torsos, that non-verbal bonding looks very strongly in place.”

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