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India coronavirus: Cases surpass 5 MILLION in grim new tally as 82,066 die from virus | World | News

India’s Health Ministry reported the country has seen 91,120 new cases of coronavirus yesterday. The country has also seen a leap in deaths, reporting a further 1,283. India has seen the second worst cases from the virus around the world, with a total of 5,020,359. It has the third worst number of deaths at 82,066.


So far, September has seen over a million cases of the virus for India.

Now experts are warning Indian officials their case fatality rate could skyrocket in the coming weeks as lockdown restrictions are eased.

But Indian authorities have rejected a second countrywide lockdown as recoveries continue to grow.

India has a coronavirus recovery rate of more than 78 percent, and a fatality rate of 1.6 percent.

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India’s refusal to reimpose lockdown measures comes after the country’s economy suffered a record contraction, with GDP falling by 23.9 percent in the second quarter.

Experts have warned the continued easing of lockdown restrictions will see an inevitable rise in cases and deaths.

Dr. Gagandeep Kang, infectious diseases expert from Christian Medical College, said the county still is able to restrict cases surging further by test and trace and isolation.

She added: “The goal was for India to do enough testing to bring down test positivity rate, or fraction of tests that test positive to less than 5 percent or even less than 1 percent.”

It follows India breaking global records this month with the highest ever daily cases.

On September 11, India reported an astonishing 97,570 daily cases.

The high case load has led to some commentators fearing a collapse of India’s health care system.

The country’s health ministry was forced to clarify on Tuesday there was no lack of medical oxygen.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently urged Indian’s to take the pandemic seriously by adhering to face mask and social distancing guidelines.

He added: “I have certain expectations from each one of you … Be safe and remain healthy. 

“Take care of senior citizens in the family. These things are important. Do not take coronavirus lightly.”

Early into India’s pandemic in March, Mr Modi took the unprecedented step of apologising to the country for the pandemic, and said: “Let me seek forgiveness from all the countrymen.

“My conscience tells me that you will definitely forgive me as I had to take certain decisions which have put you in a lot difficulty.”

The bleak new figures mean India is inching closer to the US, which remains the worst affected country in the world.

The US leads in cases and deaths, at 6,604,355 and 195,765 respectively according to Johns Hopkins University.

India, based on current daily cases and deaths, is expected to surpass the US’s devastating tallies.

In contrast to India’s 91,120 new cases and 1,283 new deaths, the US reported 36,447 and 1,197.


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