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SNP humiliated: Scottish independence dream mocked in heated clash over SNP ‘incompetence’ | Politics | News

Tory MP Andrew Bowie and SNP MP Pete Wishart engaged in a furious row over Scotland’s independence while on BBC’s Politics Live. Mr Wishart attacked the Tory Government for their Brexit Bill and proclaimed the opinion polls were suggesting an independent Scotland was supported by a majority and was coming. Mr Bowie quickly retorted that Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP would not be getting an independence referendum as it had to be granted by the Government in Westminster.

“An independent Scotland can be working without our neighbouring partners in good faith.

“We would be a good neighbour to everyone around our shores.

“I can tell you something, have you seen the opinion polls?

“55 percent of people are in support of an independent Scotland, a consistent majority.

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Mr Bowie argued that at the next Scottish election, the SNP would face criticism over their record on integral issues in Scotland.

He said: “There is not an independence referendum, there is an election to Hollyrood.

“This is where the Scottish people will be judging the incompetent Scottish Government for their record on schools, health, transport and infrastructure.

“On every single level, the SNP Government have failed and we will be holding them to account in that election.”

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