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Pension warning: Savers ‘unprepared’ as 940,000 people hit retirement age – planning tips | Personal Finance | Finance

“People who have had an appointment with our Pension Wise specialists feel more confident, informed and prepared when it comes to how they will access their pension savings.

“In 2019/20, more than half of appointment customers said that getting guidance either changed how they accessed their pension, or how they intend to do so.”

Daniela Wilson, a Pensions Guider at Pensions Wise, also shared her insight on what’s important for retirees: “I discuss pension options with the public every day and one of the most common worries is feeling unprepared when it comes to making decisions with pension providers.

“Chatting through the different options for as little as 45 minutes has made nine in 10 of our customers (92 percent) feel well prepared ahead of speaking to their providers.

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