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Michael Gove issues Brexit warning to Sir Keir Starmer – Labour ‘OBLIGED’ to support bill | UK | News

He continued: “So therefore I hope that across the House of Commons there’ll be a recognition that we have an obligation to the people of Northern Ireland in order to make sure that they can continue to have unfettered access.

“But of course we, as a Government, also have an obligation, which we take equally seriously, to make sure that the withdrawal agreement and protocol are implemented in a way that makes sure that the gains of the Good Friday Belfast Agreement are absolutely secured and enhanced in the future.”

The European Commission has demanded that the Government withdraw measures from the bill that override the Brexit deal by the end of the month.

Even some Conservative MPs have said that they will vote against the legislation.

There is a separate negotiation going on from the future relationship talks between Mr Gove and the European Commission.

This is over the implementation of the Northern Ireland-Ireland protocol in the Brexit deal.

It is all about the level of checks on goods going from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

The principles are in the Withdrawal Agreement treaty but the details are still to be worked out.

Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis admitted that the Government’s plan would break international law, but claimed it would only be “in a very specific and limited way”.

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