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White Guy Gets NFL Practice Squad Job; Deadspin Angry It Wasn't Kaepernick

Here we go again. The Philadelphia Eagles signed a 41-year-old player to come out of retirement and play on their practice squad and Deadspin’s Rob Parker is doing the “What about Kaepernick?” howl. Kaep is 10 times better than Josh McCown and he should have gotten the job as Eagles emergency quarterback, Parker moans.

McCown, who retired from NFL play in 2018, lives in Texas and will telecommute to Philly’s practices for just $12,000 a week.

Practice squad jobs are entry level, but this is still a slap in the face for Parker’s man Kaepernick. McCown (in photo above) has a 79.7 passer rating, and the EA Sports Madden 21 video game rates Kaepernick an 81! There’s just no comparing a real quarterback with one who’s a video football star, especially if his name is Kaepernick, the media’s revered one.

Parker is incensed that, “The NFL continues to claim there is simply no room at the inn for the erstwhile superstar QB turned political activist. Yep. Not as a starter, not as a backup, not period.”

Uh, yeah, people who spit in the eye of their employer, sue them, shame them in public and blow off an opportunity to display their skills before the whole company don’t usually get the job. Not in the NFL or the so-called “real world.” Let an accountant or a Walmart associate pull the same shameful stunts Kaepernick pulled on his employer and watch how fast they’re shown the door. 

Here’s more food for thought. Would Kaepernick humble himself for a $12,000 per week job as a non-roster practice quarterback? That would buy him a few beers to go with the millions of Nike dollars he’s raking in, not to mention whatever EA Sports is paying him not to get body slammed by live, breathing defensive ends.

Parker calls this a “sweetheart” deal for McCown. LOL!:

“McCown, on the other hand, will have the sweetest gig in the history of pro football. He’s the No. 4 quarterback. You would basically need Armageddon to happen in order for him to play. Having four quarterbacks on an NFL roster is like having a Black team president — rare as hell.

“The McCown deal is a clear case of white privilege.”

Let me make this clear for Parker: a practice squad player is not on the team’s active roster. In fact, some teams only go with two quarterbacks on the roster. It’s Kansas City superstar QB Patrick Mahomes who has the sweetest gig in the history of football: a $45 million a year gig.

Parker also accused the NFL of an unwritten ABC policy — Anybody But Colin.

Suing the NFL for collusion, alienating fans, ripping on the country that made him a millionaire while loving on communist Cuba, as Kaepernick did, usually doesn’t endear one to the boss. Never mind, he was “totally right about his stance on police brutality and social injustice,” Parker argues. And “the NFL did absolutely nothing to right the wrong it committed against Kaepernick. That league took his livelihood for caring about his fellow man.” The NFL actually paid Kaepernick and Eric Reid an estimated $8-10 million to settle a collusion lawsuit.

But what about Commissioner Roger Goodell acknowledging he was wrong and should have listened to Kaepernick? The commissioner also allowed the social justice warriors of the NFL Players Coalition to play him for $90 million, and it’s no small surprise he finally admitted he’s with the radicals.

Parker takes consolation in the NFL’s embrace of the Black Lives Matter movement and the Black national anthem being played on Week 1 of the 2020 season. “And while that’s all well and good, it’s simply not enough.

“Kaepernick deserves a shot to finish his NFL career properly — to be on a roster, and to be ready when there’s a chance to play again. That’s what McCown got, and he didn’t even earn it.”

Actually, Kaepernick had his shot last fall when the NFL offered him an unprecedented tryout — you might call it SJW privilege — and he thumbed his nose at the teams by holding his own workout and then trashing the NFL to the media. That just confirmed to league owners that he’s one bad apple they can do without.

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