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Housing Benefit UK: ‘no DSS’ ban ruled unlawful in Court – renting precedent to be set | Personal Finance | Finance

While Housing Benefit is designed to ensure that rent covered, it has been reported that for a long time letting agents and landlords have been putting in place so-called “no DSS”, “no benefits” or “no Universal Credit” polices to limit private renters from accessing accommodation if they receive state support.

This has been a controversial element of the renting market but in July, Judge Victoria Mark ruled the following in the courts: “Rejecting tenancy applications because the applicant is in receipt of housing benefit was unlawfully discriminating on the grounds of sex and disability.”

This ruling was hailed by many as it may have set a precedent for affected benefit claimants and today it has been revealed that a similar case has been won, adding more legitimacy to the argument.

Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity, revealed that a disabled dad has won his legal trial against Housing Benefit discrimination at Birmingham County Court, with the judgement handed down yesterday.

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