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YET AGAIN: Univision HIDES Huge Improvement In Hispanic Jobs Numbers

A new jobs report was released last Friday, showing signs of a return to the employment miracle that occurred within the Hispanic community prior to the COVID outbreak. While Telemundo reported factually on these huge gains, Univision returned to form with a report that could best be described as active disinformation.

Watch the contrast between Telemundo’s brief yet factual report, where anchor Vanessa Hauc notes the huge drop in the Hispanic unemployment rate, with Univision’s hack job. Anchor Ilia Calderon framed the August employment report as a net negative while making sure to close the report on a negative note: “Among Hispanics, it’s higher, 10.5%. The country is registering a deficit of 11 million jobs compared to the period before the pandemic.”

VANESSA HAUC: Millions of workers are still unemployed, but some are slowly returning to their jobs. According to new data announced today, in August, almost 1.1 million new jobs were created. In this one, the unemployment rate decreased to 8.4%, almost two percentage points below the July report. Among Latinos, unemployment also went down to 10.5%, more than two percentage points less than last month. The new jobs include temporary Census 2020 workers, new jobs in retail commerce, the hotel and entertainment industries, education and health services.

ILIA CALDERÓN: The United States economy added 1.400.000 jobs, the Department of Labor (and Human Resources) informed today. This caused the national unemployment rate to drop to under 10% for the first time since March, for a rate of 8.4%. Among Hispanics, it’s higher, 10.5%. The country is registering a deficit of 11 million jobs compared to the period before the pandemic.

Calderon made a reference to the pandemic, but she failed to mention how the Hispanic community is not only experiencing a big push in their employment outlooks, but that before the pandemic Hispanic unemployment reached record numbers – 6.4%. Hope and positivity are only reserved for liberal rhetoric at Univision. Good news from Trump routinely gets swept under the bias rug, especially when it comes to the jobs report. 

Univision’s gross bias by omission was brought to you by Xfinity. Let them know what you think here, and click here to read Media Research Center founder and President L. Brent Bozell III’s letter to the FCC in strong opposition to the proposed rule change that would allow Univision to be 100% foreign-owned. 


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