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DWP called on to ‘act urgently’ on benefit cap problems – coronavirus response reviewed | Personal Finance | Finance

State benefits came into focus in June as the Work and Pensions Committee noted that while Universal Credit claimants received a lot of support in light of coronavirus, those on legacy benefits became less of a priority.

Because of this, they detailed that rates for older benefits must be raised to provide help for the millions of claimants who have yet to move onto Universal Credit.

The government raised the rates of standard Universal Credit and working tax credit payments but the committee expressed concern for claimants of other benefits, as Stephen Timms, the Chair of the Committee, explained at the time: “DWP’s frontline staff have worked hard to get support to millions of people.

“Without their actions, the impact of the pandemic could have been much worse.

“But the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted weaknesses in a social security system which at times is too inflexible and slow to adapt to support people in times of crisis.

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