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Coronavirus lockdowns around the world: Which countries are in lockdown? USA, Australia | World | News

The UK has seen a number of areas go into local lockdowns as cases rose in some towns or cities. Local lockdown measures mean some restrictions have been brought back, such as the banning of inter-household mixing, in an effort to avoid a full-scale lockdown. Countries around the world have largely adopted the same measures, with larger nations restricting lockdowns to towns, regions or states.

Which countries are in lockdown?


The lockdown in the USA has been somewhat of a controversial situation since the pandemic began.

While many countries imposed a full-scale national lockdown, the US Government left the decision in the hands of states, some of which chose to close while others remained open.

The USA’s coronavirus strategy has come under fire and been branded inefficient as the 50 states have recorded the highest death toll in the world, currently standing at 193,253.

As it stands, all 50 sates have begun reopening in some ways, while some are pausing plans to reopen fully amid rising case numbers.

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On Sunday, Victoria reported 63 new coronavirus infections and five deaths, down from a peak of 725 new cases on August 5.

In contrast, Australia’s most populated state, New South Wales, has recorded no more than 13 cases a day since early August.

Melbourne’s full-scale lockdown restrictions, which were due to end on September 13, have been extended until September 28 in a bid to contain the outbreak.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: “Today’s announcement from the Victorian Government to extend lockdown arrangements will be hard and crushing news for the people of Victoria and a further reminder of the impact and costs that result from not being able to contain outbreaks of COVID-19.”


Coronavirus cases in India have been among the highest in the world, likely partly due to their staggeringly large population.

In August, India reported nearly 2million cases of the virus, the highest monthly total since the pandemic began.

India is starting to ease lockdown measures in a bid to preserve the already failing economy.

Subways and trains reopened in New Delhi, but a system that used to carry 2.6million people on a daily basis has been much quieter than normal as people opt to stay home.

Wearing masks and using smart and contactless cards on the subway and public transport is now mandatory in India.

New Delhi is also giving the go-ahead for bars to reopen later this week, while shops and other business activities have already resumed.

According to estimates by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, some 19million jobs have been lost since a stringent lockdown was imposed in March.

Economists predict younger people have been hit hardest, with 4million Indians under the age of 30 becoming unemployed, according to a report from the International Labour Organisation.

For India, the silver lining in the situation is the fact Its death toll is relatively low in comparison to other large nations – it has recorded 71,642, far fewer than Brazil and the US.

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