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Morrisons UK news: Supermarket making major change to UK stores this month

Morrisons is making a significant change to its stores, which will affect the layout and staffing in supermarkets across the UK. There will be 180 new jobs at Morrisons stores across the country.

“So we wanted to have the best florists in store to make bouquets for our customers.

“It’s been a difficult year for the flower industry, and we hope this also provides good job prospects for florists looking for work.”

Morrisons delivery has been updated recently, offering a same day option. 

This is progress that has been sped along by the coronavirus.

Morrisons cafe has cut the price of food and drink by 50 percent. 

In other supermarket news, a mum shared a clever Aldi hack.

Posting to the Aldi Shoppers UK Facebook page, the fan of the supermarket wrote: “Followed an Aldi shopping hack and no packing after the checkout.

“Such a simple idea but saves time and money, when they were full I’d shopped up.”

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