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Melania Trump news: Body language with Donald Trump shows ‘spontaneous’ relationship

Melania Trump, 50, is the First Lady United States and wife of Donald Trump, 74. Since joining the White House, a body language expert explained how Melania has made a change to help Donald.

When Donald first became the President, Melania was happy to take a step back, according to body language expert Judi James.

She told “When he was first sworn in Trump’s old-school alpha displays meant he eclipsed everyone, looking determined to keep all the glory of the role of president for himself.

“If there was any sign of spotlight-sharing it was with his daughter rather than his wife and the rather surrendered-looking Melania was never featured as half of a visual double-act in the way that previous First Ladies like Michelle Obama had been.”

While Melania may have shied away, to begin with, the First Lady has now been through a notable transformation.


“Melania and Donald’s interactions since their time in the White House have shown some latent and slow-burning but very potent shifts in their power signals,” she continued.

“Melania seems to have made the move from role-less to ‘royal’ in the space of four years.

“As a result, Donald seems happier moving her into his spotlight and their PDAs as a ‘power-couple’ have increased.”

With the US election just around the corner, Judi explained the former model may have stepped up to help Donald.

Just last week, Melania made a speech at the White House to reveal why she thought Donald should be re-elected.

At the beginning of Donald’s term, it may have seemed that Melania was happy for her husband to take the limelight.

However, Judi suggested she may have stepped up and is now vital for balancing out her husband.

The expert commented: “There were some gradual clues about Melania’s actual power when we saw her nudging her husband to correct him in public.

“With time Melania began to adopt the body language of regal power, standing upright and almost to attention alongside her husband and providing some important balance to his more spontaneous and often jaw-dropping moments.

“Trump seems to have realised that his wife’s public popularity makes her a unique selling point in his campaign to get re-elected.

“The important thing is that Melania seems to get that herself too. Her poses inside the White House make her look very much like a FLOTUS in situ rather than the wife who lived in Trump Tower.”

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