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Daily horoscope for September 5: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Saturday’s horoscope is heavily influenced by the final day of Mercury in Virgo. Astrologers argue messenger planet Mercury is particularly effective in this position.

You can consequently expect to feel especially empowered, clever and analytical thanks to this combination.

Then in the final few hours of this Saturday, Mercury enters Libra.

This is a star sign associated with significantly improved negotiating skills.

As a result, you should prepare yourself to sharpen your linguistic skills.

Mercury will in a fortnight be followed in this position by the Sun.

And then, very much later, fiery planet Venus will take the reins – but that is all a long way away.

Saturday’s Aries Moon brings a whole different set of emotions to the table.

Tonight’s combination will also provide a pinch of aggression to the proceedings.

This is unfortunately certain to create a potentially unpleasant atmosphere.

But the good news is Mercury in Libra arrives just in time to smooth things over.

Compromise is hardly the word one associates with a Moon in Aries.

Astrology experts consider Aries as relating to war and speed.

Honest and open victories, not shady deals behind closed doors, is what brave Aries is best known for.

However, the world is infinitely more complex than Aries can compute.

The final combination of relevance this Saturday sees the Aries Moon create a Square with gas giant Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.

The Square aspect represents conflict and challenges between the planets involved.

People in some circles believe the start of a well-earned weekend sees some battles waiting to be fought, but there is no guarantee of victory.

However, do not be disheartened – just plug away and pace yourself – this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Then, as the Moon harmonises with the Lunar Nodes, you have an opportunity to align yourself with destiny.

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