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North Korea satellite imagery: New nuclear bases detected amid fears of Kim Jong-un’s plan | World | News

Satellite footage of North Korea has detected new nuclear activity in the country, sparking alarm in the US. The newly-discovered nuclear facility near the capital Pyongyang means Kim Jong-un is continuing development of his country’s secretive nuclear weapons programme. The finding was revealed in a new report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which is expected to be revealed at its General Conference later this month.

Japan-based broadcaster NHK leaked the finding, which came from analysis of recent satellite imagery above North Korea.

The satellite showed “vehicle movement” near the regime’s uranium enrichment facility and construction work at a plutonium facility.

Internal construction at North’ Korea’s Nyongbyon nuclear complex is likely building an experimental light water reactor.

The facility near Pyongyang, in a town named Kangson, appears to be a uranium enrichment facility according to the IAEA.

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The UN agency said the latest nuclear facility is a “cause for serious concern” for the international community.

The IAEA condemned the move, saying the continuation of the secretive country’s nuclear programme was in clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

The agency does not have access to the Yongbyon site or other locations in North Korea and instead relies on satellite imagery.

This follows concern that recent powerful typhoons in the area, which unleashed flooding in North Korea, threatened one of the country’s nuclear reactor sites.

Masses of North Korean troops and vehicles have already been seen practicing for the major military parade, despite the country’s ongoing coronavirus restrictions.

The secretive weapon is thought to be a “game-changing” missile with multiple warhead capabilities, according to leading North Korean expert Markus Garlauskas.

The former US intelligence official told the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) that North Korea will likely unveil the new missile at the parade held on 10th October.

The terrifying new weapon in October will likely be followed by a decision to ramp up nuclear weapons tests by the end of the year.

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