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Daily horoscope for September 3: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Thursday’s horoscope features Mercury in Virgo and Saturn creating a Trine. A Trine in astrology is connected to cosmic flow, finding planetary bodies in a harmonious 120-degree angle of support.

Astrology experts think this aspect is capable of putting communication at centre stage this Thursday.

The first half of the day really cares about saying the right thing.

You should also prepare yourself for a deep desire to socialise – at a safe distance – with your favourite friends.

Words are all the more important as another working week enters the home straight.

Watch for out being tempted to take the wrong path at this time.

Hopefully you will recognise the correct path when you see it.

Planet Mercury is in for a busy, as it also makes Squares the Lunar Nodes.

Square are 90 degree alignment between a planetary pair.

Our nearest neighbour is waning as it connects with Pluto, Saturn, Mercury and the Lunar Nodes.

There is consequently a spirit of camaraderie and even romance in the astrological atmosphere.

Above all, Pisces needs to be inspired, so some in astrological circles suggest keeping the Fish happy with sums and facts.

The Moon enters fiery Aries tonight, right on cue as lovers Venus and Mars are about to clash.

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