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Gary Lineker net worth: Ex-footballer taking in refugee

The TV personality revealed he will invite a refugee to live in his home. He lives in a luxurious Surrey mansion.

This is four times more than the next sports pundit Alan Shearer, who earns between £400,000 and £499,000.

Gary is the second highest earning BBC employee overall.

Per minute her earns £3.33 and per hour he earns £199.77. Per day he earns £4,794.52.

On top of this, Gary earns £1m a year from his deal with Walkers crisps.

His net worth is reported to be around £28m.

In another image Gary posted an image of him and his sons, George, Harry, Tobias and Angus, settling down to watching some football.

They are sating a large room with dark painted walls and a dark wooden floor.

Beneath them is a large grey sofa, big enough to comfortably fit five grown man and two large bags of crisps.

There is another white rug on the floor.

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