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SNP humiliated: Sturgeon’s party called out after promising next referendum will be final | UK | News

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is gearing up for a fresh independence push for Scotland. The SNP leader included a law laying out the timetable for a new independence referendum in her programme for Government this week. In her remarks this week, Ms Sturgeon said the “self-sabotage” of Brexit “strengthens the case for Scotland becoming an independent country”.

However, the SNP soon came under fire after they were grilled on claims they would “accept the result” of the next referendum as “final”.

SNP MSP James Dornan vowed to respect the result, “just like we respected the last result”.

The SNP notoriously described the 2014 independence referendum defeat as a “once-in-a-generation” vote.

However, just six years later the SNP are pushing for a fresh vote to break up the UK.

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Recent polling from Panelbase suggested 55 percent favoured Scotland leaving the UK, with 45 percent preferring to stay in the union, once undecided voters were excluded.

The RT UK anchor Kate Partridge pointed out: “This is just pure politics, isn’t it? Vote-winning stuff for next May?

“There isn’t much chance that Westminster would approve another ‘once-in-a-generation’ vote just seven years on from the last one?”

Mr Dornan responded: “Westminster have a habit on saying one thing and doing another.

This prompted Partridge to ask: “If you do get a second vote, and you lose that again, will you accept that vote?”

Mr Dornan fired back: “We respected the last one! It’s been seven years on, you can’t say we didn’t respect it.

“The Scottish Parliament continued as it always did. It didn’t continue as an independent nation, but as part of the devolved settlement.

“This is just mischief put out by our opponents. We respected the result.”

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