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How Kate Middleton’s ‘caring’ and ‘positive’ parenting ‘shines through her children’

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seem to have encouraged their children to speak openly about their feelings and have encouraged their independence at a number of events.

The expert continued: “Being any parent is tough, but being a royal parent in the eye of the media 24/7 is another thing altogether!

“With mental health wellbeing concerns, particularly in children, rising at a worrying rate, added to ‘normal’ royal pressure to look and act perfectly all the time, Kate certainly has her work cut out.”

“The act of ‘setting boundaries’ has also become a dying art of parenting and it is very well documented that children thrive when given boundaries. Obviously, as society progresses those boundaries change to a degree but they have become almost extinct in recent years and this is a huge contributing factor to the mental health concerns we are seeing.”

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