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WW3 warning: China unveils futuristic high-tech robot soldiers in terrifying video | World | News

China‘s People’s Liberation Army have released footage of new high tech weapons and equipment. Most notable is a robot-esque exoskeleton suit that can be equipped to any soldier. The video was posted to the People’s Daily, China Twitter page.

The video had a banner over the footage describing the equipment on show.

The banners read: “Several types of military-use high-tech equipment were unveiled in a logistic support drill.

“The exoskeleton robot can improve the weight carrying capacity of a soldier by 50kg-80kg.

“With a loading capacity of 30kg of supplies, the drone can achieve supply delivery at any time and on any terrain.

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“With a loading capacity of 350kg of supplies, the driverless car can travel up to 20km in a single trip.”

This reveal comes as tensions between China and India continue to remain high sparking fears of WW3.

India allegedly stopped an attempt by Chinese troops to claim territory in the Line of Actual Control (LAC) on Saturday.

Chinese Government-run media Global Times warned India of the consequences of this.

“The PLA has sufficient force to safeguard every inch of the country.

“Chinese people have shown support to the government which won’t seek to provoke India, but does not allow it to encroach on China’s territory.

“China is several times stronger than India, and India is no match for China.

“We must smash any Indian illusion that it can deal with China by colluding with other powers, such as the US.”

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