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Michelle Obama heartbreak: Ex-FLOTUS’ confession on father’s influence | UK | News

The former First Lady of the United States discussed in detail how much music had played a part in her early days growing up in Chicago, a world away from the level of fame she now enjoys. Speaking on The Michelle Obama Podcast, the 56-year-old and Craig explained that it was their father who helped mould their love of music, as well as from their maternal grandfather, known as Southside. Michelle detailed how growing up “music was the backdrop of everything”, adding: “We didn’t do anything without music, and that’s because our father was a big jazz lover, and had a huge jazz album collection that he cherished.

“And our maternal grandfather, Southside, was a big music enthusiast. And he had, he had a wall full of jazz albums.”

The ex-FLOTUS continued: “The thing I liked about them, is that they didn’t treat their albums and music as, ‘you can’t touch these, you just little kids’.

“We were taught how to use a record player properly, remember, you had to learn how to take the album out of the vinyl, and you couldn’t touch the side, you couldn’t put your fingerprints on it.”

Craig agreed and continued to discuss the perils of scratching a vinyl – and worst of all getting caught.

Michelle then concluded: “You had to hold the rim like it was a precious disc, and you’d just blow on it, you know to clean it, [poof] just a light blow, you couldn’t spit on it, you know, it was a light blow.

“Then you’d lay it on the turntable, put it on the first song, and let it play.

“You know, and we used to like a certain song on an album, you tried to put it in that little groove, and you’d always get in trouble.”

Michelle has become one of the world’s most recognisable, and influential women, after she supported husband Barack Obama during his eight years as US President.

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Throughout her career, she has been seen as a rock to Barack, who helped rewrite American history during his two terms in the White House.

But during his run to become President back in 2008, Michelle admitted to struggling while not being able to speak to her father Fraser, who died in 1991 following complications with an illness.

With no father figure to turn to when she was “feeling nervous”, the former lawyer told her brother Craig that she turned to him when she needed a second opinion on struggles she was experiencing.

Barack would go on to become the first black President in the history of the US, securing a Democratic mandate which allowed him to introduce bills such as Obamacare, while also being in charge when terrorist Osama bin Laden was killed.

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Michelle has opened up candidly about her father’s death before, once describing it as leaving a “hole in my heart”, while maintaining his memory was what motivated her every day.

When asked by Michelle about how she was during those worrying times before Barack’s election, Craig responded: “I remember because you were in one of your moods, where you were like, nah, I want my husband to be like Frasier Robinson.

“And, first of all, that’s not fair to anybody. That dude, he was a special guy, and there was no way you were gonna put that pressure on any guy, it wouldn’t ever work. You’d never be married.

“But second of all, was what I said about, I was like listen, you’re trying to penalise, because, let’s face it, none of us thought that Barack could do what he was talking about doing.”

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