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State pension age change takes effect soon and it affects free bus pass in parts of UK | Personal Finance | Finance

For many, reaching state pension age means they will be able to claim the payment and hence enjoy a boost to their income. Not only that, but for some Britons, it also means they can enjoy free travel via the older person’s bus pass.

Since then, the state pension age has been rising further.

In October 2020, it will reach 66.

September 6, 2020 marks an important date in the changes, and this is because anyone with the date of birth between September 6, 1954 and October 5, 1954 will reach state pension age.

As such, people in England born during the aforementioned period would also reach bus pass qualifying age.


In parts of England, it is possible to travel for free on types of public transport ahead of this age.

In London, for instance, residents can travel for free on buses, tubes, and other forms of transport when they’re 60.

However, this scheme only applies for journeys made within London.

Those in Wales, meanwhile, can get a bus pass when they celebrate their 60th birthday.

They are then directed to input their postcode, and press “find”.

The service matches the postcode with the relevant council.

Following this, users can click through to the council website, enabling them to find out further details relevant to where they live.

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