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Harvest Moon spiritual meaning: What does the September Full Moon mean for you?

Sunday’s horoscope finds Venus in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. And astrologers agree today is consequently no time for half measures.

Alliances are serious business now and you are all in or you are in trouble.

There is nothing in between when survival is at stake.

With Mercury forming an Opposition with Neptune, you may not clearly see a situation.

An Opposition in astrology is when planets are across the zodiac wheel from each other.

You may well feel this way about something or someone at this time.

Another aspect might be responsible for getting you so worked-up this Sunday.

Mercury in Virgo Opposes Neptune and it is therefore little wonder you are unable to accurately articulate your thoughts.

They are all befuddled, muddled, lost amid dreams and delusions.

Your mind is under a romantic spell and there’s no waking it up especially at the tail end of the weekend.

Let your brain recuperate and note your dreams as they could provide the solution.

The Venus-Pluto motto can be summarised as “if I can’t find love, then I guess I’ll hate”.

This is because feeling nothing is the worst experience of them all.

Tonight’s Aquarius Moon maintains its cool-minded presence amid all this madness due to the influence of Aquarius.

And so there’s hope for some rational decisions yet.

Aquarius is actually considered to be one of the less rational star signs.

However, you can trust Aquarius to express their views in a calm, scientific manner.

This is something everyone can get on board with.

As the Moons Sextiles Asteroid Chiron and squares Uranus, things sit on a precarious edge.

But this is only for a moment, so perhaps it is an opportunity to try a new approach.

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