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Moon horoscope: How will tonight’s lunar conjunction affect YOU

Stargazers can look at the Moon any day this week and it will look big and bright. However, Earth’s natural satellite always looks at its delicate best during moonrise and moonset close to the time of the Moon being at its ‘full’ phase.

It’s a day made for planning and productivity with the Moon in ambitious and hardworking Capricorn.

This is believed to be able to motivate people to lean in and handle our business.

The Capricorn Moon gets Sunday started in a face-off with Asteroid Chiron in Aries.

As a result, you may need to be mindful of allowing overbearing people, self-criticism, or a resulting lack of confidence.

ries should do what’s best for you without seeking external validation when it comes to decision-making.

Taurus may be ready to push through with something you’re envisioning.

Gemini could receive the solution to your worries today,

Cancer is pushed to connect with others for the sake of business and pleasure.

Leo has a good day for getting organised this Sunday.

Virgo has got just the right combination of charm, wit, and creativity to win people over.

Libra should pull back from all of the busyness and chatter of the day and give your time to things that replenish and refuel you.

Scorpio might be craving conversations, classes, and connections today.

Sagittarius can leverage a rise in popularity for a new opportunity or stream of income today.

Capricorn has got the world in the palm of their hand today.

Aquarius should know that the downtime you give yourself can still lead to something productive.

Pisces may have something they have been hoping or wishing for could finally come through today.

How to see the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction:

Lovers of the night sky are in for a treat as the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn will appear all together to create a memorable scene this weekend.

The trio will appear only a few degrees apart and will provide the perfect opportunity to gaze upon their beauty.

All three celestial bodies will be perfectly visible from the UK.

Those wanting to catch the show, however, will have to stay up late or wake up early, with best viewing times on Saturday, August 29 being early in the morning.

A Conjunction occurs when astral bodies move closer to one another or the Moon.

A pair of binoculars or a telescope will only enhance your viewing experience.

The Moon will be highly illuminated with Jupiter appearing bright as well, while Saturn is much fainter.

While it will be a noteworthy event to see, the Moon itself will be particularly dazzling so remember to keep your eyes on the skies this weekend.

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