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Fifty Shades Jane Fonda shock: New movie tackles spanking, viagra and sex | Films | Entertainment

The Hollywood icon may be 80 years old but she outclassed and outgunned women half and even a quarter her age on the Oscars red carpet at the weekend.

She was stunning and sexy in a Balamin white sheath and will be turning that sex appeal to good use in her upcoming new movie.

Riffing off the Fifty Shades books, Book Club follows Fond and three fellow superstar actresses as they navigate men, sex and dating in later life.

The new trailer reveals Fonda alongside Diane Keaton, Mary Steenburgen and Candice Bergen with some equally famous faces trying to get lucky with these timeless leading ladies.

Hollywood heartthrobs Don Johnson and Andy Garcia dust off their charming grins to woo the ladies with roses and fine wine, but some of the girls are hoping for something a little spicier.

Bondage, spanking and the uncontrollable effects of viagra show that age is just a number when the ladies are looking for loving.

Fonda made a quip about the Oscars stage design looking like a Barbarella set and she seems to have drawn inspiration from her flame-haired glory days for her new film.

She also flaunts her incredible figure when Bergen complains: “If women our age were supposed to have sex he would do what he does to our bodies.”

Fonda fires back: “Speak for yourselves,” as she preens and jokily plumps up her cleavage.

To which Bergen growls: “Now that wasn’t God, it was Doctor Nazari.”

Book Club follows four friends as they decide to read Fifty Shades of Grey and find their love lives reinvigorated.

While Fonda reignites a former passion with Miami Vice star Don Johnson, it’s Mary Steenburgen who pushes the boundaries with her hopes for a being tied up and a classically cheeky car scene involving her husband, viagra and a shocked traffic cop.


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